Water characterises the area
The Altes Land

1.8 metres above sea level- in Altes Land that is quite high ground! Many of the other growing areas are a good 2.5 metres lower.

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The Rolker Obstbau GbR is a state-approved apprentice employer for horticulture, specialising in orcharding.
Since 2010 our 4 apprentices have successfully passed their examinations set

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“What do orchard growers get up to in the winter months?” This is a frequently asked question. “We work” is our answer.
Orchard trees need

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Employees Organic

For us orchardists it is paramount that our valuable fruit be handled with care so it can be delivered to the consumer in tip-top condition.

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In contrast to agricultural farming, orchards need to be tended with light-weight tractors of less than 100 horse power. The tracks for these vehicles are

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Plantations and Varieties

Cherries love warm, dry ground and suffer if their roots are exposed to wet earth for too long and the ground lacks air.
Consequently our

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Wild flowers are important for many insects looking for nectar and pollen. At the first sign of spring daisies start to flower in their modest

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